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A creative, knowledge rich curriculum.

At South Avenue Primary School, our aim in History is to offer teaching and learning opportunities that are logical, broad and balanced. From this teaching and learning, we aspire to ignite children’s passion and excitement for learning that in turn develops a strong understanding of the world in which we live. The teaching of History, at South Avenue Primary School focuses on the development of four key skills: identifying, classifying, recognising and observing. These key skills are taught from Reception and are developed, as well as expanded on, throughout the children’s primary education. For example, by the end of Year 6 children will be able to hypothesise and critique historical sources from the past. 

At South Avenue our approach to teach History focuses on building strong foundations year-on-year. This gives children an understanding of historical timelines, thereby enabling them to make links between different periods in history i.e. how houses have developed. As a result, this develops children’s observation and debating skills as they progress from Reception to Year 6.

Throughout their school journey, we aspire for the children to apply their historical skills in order to empathise with the past. They will build an understanding of the way in which people lived their lives, and how the world has been shaped from key events and people from our past. Throughout their journey at South Avenue Primary School, children will experience and study a number of key periods from our past. These include; Travelling Ted - teaching an overview of the history of our country, The Great Fire of London, Stone Age, Life in Roman Britain, Mayans and WWII.

From early on, children are taught how to connect and make historical comparisons through artefacts, experience days and travel to local and national historical monuments. Children are then able to engage with history by asking investigative questions leading to a secure understanding of the past and what the world has learnt from it.


Our children are young historians who explore key facts and concepts through a rich and creative curriculum while developing key historical skills. South Avenue Historians learn about the following topics:


At South Avenue Primary School our children develop an understanding of Britain through the ages, history around the globe and the ways in which people’s lives have been shaped by events throughout history. Our history curriculum also supports our children in developing their personal skills as they develop their understanding and empathy.

Throughout Reception and Key Stage 1 our children learn about the passing of time, they talk about themselves and the people around them and their roles in society as well as developing their knowledge of significant historical figures. In Key Stage 2 our children build on these skills to question, evaluate and explore in depth a wide range of historical themes.

Our children learn to become critical thinkers and applicators by continually reviewing, revisiting and developing their understanding and knowledge. This becomes a continual cycle to enhance key skills for our children to reach their full potential. Assessment is carried out through the use of PEEL (Point, Explain, Evidence and Link) paragraphs at the end of each topic which provide children with the opportunity to bring all their learning together and analyse their understanding. Children are also provided with Knowledge Organisers which offer a list of key vocabulary, previous learning, timelines and images. We also carry out subject monitoring to inform subject action planning and next steps.

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