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School trips take place throughout the year.  The trips provide amazing opportunities for the children to learn. 

Voluntary Contribution for Activities in School Time

Following the Education Reform Act, as from April 1st 1989, schools are no longer allowed to charge pupils for trips or events which occur in school time, even though these may be arranged as a continuation of, or stimulus for, their education.


Teachers, parents and children already work very hard organising and participating in events to raise money for school funds and if this money had to fund educational trips, social outings, theatre visits from travelling companies, etc, then very little, if any, would be left to buy the so called luxuries.


Therefore the school needs to know that we have the support of our parents when organising such events, because, unless voluntary contributions are made to cover the costs; it may be necessary to discontinue these events. We feel this would be a sad thing to do because we try and make school an exciting place where the children enjoy learning and these extras add more variety. Children have never been excluded when families have financial problems and this would continue to be the case.


Here are a list of trips that take place during the school year:

Term Year Group Trip Cost
Term 2 Year 2 Leed Castle "15.00
  Year 3 Sittingbourne Library Free
  Years 5 and 6 Borden Grammar School Pantomime Free
  Whole School Pantomime at Swallows Leisure Centre £6.50
Term 4 Year 4 Swimming 5 x £3.00
Term 5 Year 3 Beach Trip (TBC)  
  School Council Houses of Parliament Free
  Year 4 Museum Visit (Quex Park)  
  Year 6

Chessington World of Adventures

*cost includes coach and enterance as well as a contribution to the Year 6 party.

Term 6 Reception Beach Trip to Minnis Bay £5.00
  Year 1 Kent Life (TBC)  
  Years 2 and 3 Legoland £20.00
  Year 5 Kingswood Residential £148.00
  Year 6 Swimming (TBC)  

TBC - to be confirmed nearer the date