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Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Miss S Fenn

Deputy Headteacher, Co-Lead Teaching, Learning and Assessment – Mrs H Streatfield

SENCo and Behavioural Lead – Miss T Cadwallader

Well-Being and Safeguarding Lead - Mrs C Telford


SEND and Well-Being Team

Well-Being and Safeguarding Lead - Mrs C Telford
SENCo and Behavioural Lead – Miss T Cadwallader
Family Liaison Officer – Mrs H Lofts
SENCo Assistant - Mrs P Gaston
Nurture and Behaviour Support Teaching Assistants - Mrs J Purves and Mrs D Goatham

Golden Curriculum Teaching Assistant - Mrs G Young
Speech and Language Teaching Assistant - Mrs S Belsom


Teaching Staff

Reception –  Miss L Mace and Mr J Sonnex
Year 1 – Miss T Cadwallader and Mrs S Gaskain
Year 2 – Mrs S Cassell, Mrs L Simpson and Miss E Smith
Year 3 – Miss C Johnson and Miss G Woods
Year 4 – Mr S Perry and Miss G Major
Year 5 – Miss N Bedwin and Mrs M Camilleri
Year 6 – Mrs E Greenwood, Mrs R Livesey and Mrs N Orr

Phonics Lead - Mrs S Seymour


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Hackett and Mr O Baker


Teaching Assistants

Reception – Mrs D Ehrlich, Miss E Honey and Miss A Woolston
Year 1 – Mrs L Byrne and Mrs R Musha
Year 2 – Mrs L Calver and Mrs S Schreur
Year 3 – Miss E Green and Mrs J Wood
Year 4 – Miss S Day and Miss G Little
Year 5 – Miss S Bower, Mrs N Huxter and Mrs K Birchmore
Year 6 – Miss S Asif and Miss J Harrison
Cookery Teacher - Mrs T White

Out of Class Teaching Assistant - Miss J Green and Miss V Wildish

1:1 TAs - Mrs V Barton, Mr E Graham and Mrs A Harrison


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs C Telford, Miss S Day, Mrs D Ehrlich, Mrs S Uddin and Mrs J Wood


After School Club Staff

Mrs K Friday, Mrs R Musha and Mrs M Smith


Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs V Barton, Mrs S Bower, Miss S Day, Mrs E Dighton, Mrs D Ehrlich, Mr E Graham, Mrs N Huxter, Mrs D Ivory, Mrs R Musha, Mrs M Smith,  Mrs K Thomas, Mrs M Thompson, Mrs S Uddin, Mrs T White, and Miss T Wright


Office Staff

Mrs K Bravery, Mrs M McAvoy, Mrs T O’Donoghue and Mrs J Wilson-Wright


ICT Support

Mrs K Holborn



Mr A Baker and Ms D Kerswill