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Senior Leadership Team

Head of School – Miss Cadwallader

Senior Leader (Primary Phase) - Mrs Telford (Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Designated Safeguarding Lead DSL - Mrs Telford

Miss Cadwallader

Mrs Lofts

Miss Smith

Miss Bedwin

Mr Sonnex

Miss Mace

Mrs Moore


Key Stage Leaders

Key Stage 2 Lead - Miss Bedwin,

Key Stage 1 & EYFS - Miss Smith


SEND and Well-Being Team

SENCO & Behaviour – Mr Sonnex

Mental Health Lead - Mrs Telford

Family Liaison Officer – Mrs Lofts

Nurture and Behaviour Support - Mrs Purves 

Golden Curriculum - Mrs Young and Mrs Barton

SEN Teaching Assistant - Mrs Belsom


Teaching Staff

Reception – Mrs Barton, Mr Sonnex, Miss Buxton
Year 1 – Miss Mace, Mrs Haybourne, Miss Avey
Year 2 – Miss Sellar, Miss Smith
Year 3 – Miss Font, Mrs Cassell, Mrs Haybourne
Year 4 – Mrs Livesey, Miss Butler
Year 5 – Mr Perry, Miss Johnson
Year 6 – Miss Bedwin, Miss Major and Mrs Orr

Writing Lead - Mrs L Simpson


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mr Baker, Miss Honey, Miss Bower


Teaching Assistants

Reception – Mrs Ehrlich, Miss Green, Miss Woolston and Miss Darling
Year 1 – Mrs Musha, Mrs Rose
Year 2 – Mrs Calver, Miss Bower, Miss Milner
Year 3 – Miss Green and Mrs Little

Year 4 – Mrs Woods, Mrs Day, Mrs Birchmore
Year 5 – Mrs Huxter and Miss Walmsley
Year 6 – Miss O’Regan, Miss Milner, Mr Graham


Support Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Day, Miss Fletcher, Miss Crutchley


Out of Class Teaching Assistant – Mrs Schreur


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Ehrlich, Mrs Uddin, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Birchmore


After School Club Staff

Mrs Friday and Mrs Musha 


Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs Dighton, Mrs Ivory, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Uddin, Miss Wright


Office Staff

Mrs Moore, Mrs O’Donoghue, Mrs Wilson-Wright, Mrs Byrne



Mrs Kerswill