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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

Year 2 | What has been your favourite thing we have learned about so far?

Black History Month and Tessa Sanderson.

Joseph Turner and all his paintings.

The music in Black History Month.

History and learning about Florence Nightingale.

Learning about Joseph Turner.

Year 3 | What does history mean to you?

History is what has happened in the past. So far, I’ve enjoyed learning about Dinosaurs the most!

History is things from the past and I’ve liked cracking the war time codes in History Detective’s Club.

Year 4 | What did you enjoy most when learning about the Battle of Hastings?

I most enjoyed when we ran at the Normans and they ran away (battle re-enactment)

Making swords because it was fun and getting to hold a broadsword.

I enjoyed the sword making because it was, you could use different materials and it was very fun and interesting.

Probably the battle re-enactment because we got to fight the other class and study the tactics of the Normans and the Anglo-Saxons.

Year 4 | What do you feel you have learnt from our re-enactment?

I learnt that the Anglo-Saxons lost the battle and that the fight was on a hill.

I learnt that the formation of the Anglo-Saxons was a shield wall and the Normans has more arrows and fired them at 9am on the day of the battle.

I feel like I’ve learnt that they held swords that were very heavy like the broadsword. I am surprised that people could actually fight with it.

I learnt the different formation of the Normans and Anglo-Saxons. The shield wall, and that the battle was between King Harold and William, Duke of Normandy.

Year 5 | What does history mean to you?

(Studying Ancient Greece) – I enjoy the stories like the myths and comparing them to how we live today. My favourite history topic has been Ancient Greece.

I like finding out about different weapons used like spears. These were used by Cave men, Vikings, Ancient Greeks and Romans. I most enjoyed learning about the Romans last year.

Year 6 | What does history mean to you?

I’m enjoying learning about WWII. Especially the Blitz. The thing I enjoy most is finding out about the action and drama that took place. Especially how the Germans tried to attack and how England defended themselves.

I think history is important because if we didn’t know what happened in history then we don’t know what happened in the past and how things, like people, evolved. I really enjoy learning about modern history because it’s more relatable.