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Free School Meals

Free School Meals

Free meals are available to those who qualify. You can obtain further information from the school office, or from the East Kent Area Education Office, Awards Section 01227 284544. All enquiries are treated in confidence.


Alternatively you can check your eligibility by clicking here


From September 2014 all children in year R, 1 and 2 are eligible to receive a free hot meal at lunchtime.  This change will not affect any family currently receiving free school meals. 


The eligibility formally known as Free School Meals has now changed its name to Pupil Premium.   This additional funding is given to us by the Government to provide additional provision and resources and so we would like to encourage ALL our current parents to apply for it to see if they are eligible.  Education funding as a whole has been cut back and so this additional funding makes a real difference to the extra provision we can fund in school.


We will be asking ALL new parents to our school to follow the link above (or apply with a paper form) to check eligibility for Pupil Premium. Confusingly the link still shows the old name of ‘free school meals’ but this is not related to universal free school meals in September. It is to check to see whether we can receive additional Pupil Premium funding for our school.  See our pupil premium page for more details about what the money is for and the impact it has had in school.


At present we are asking parents of year R and 1 children to let us know if they would like their child(ren) to receive a free hot meal from September so that we can ensure we have everything in place in September. If you are a new parent of a child joining in our current year R or 1 then please get in touch with the office to see our current menu and discuss arrangements.