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Expectations and Ethos

Expectations and Ethos

Whole School Expectations and Ethos

We have developed a five point Whole School Expectation and Ethos code, which is as follows:

1. To show care and consideration for others

  • I will open a door to let an adult through.
  • I will sit nicely and not tip back on my chair.
  • I will have kind hands and feet.
  • I will think about other people’s feelings.

2. To always listen and talk to school adults and children calmly and politely

  • I will use my inside voice around the school at all times.
  • I will say if I don’t understand something.
  • I will not interrupt whilst an adult is talking.
  • I will listen when someone is talking to me.

3. To wear uniform correctly

  • I will wear school shoes.
  • The only jewellery I will wear will be stud earrings or a watch
  • I will not wear scarves, gloves, hats or coats inside the classroom.
  • I will not tie my jumper around my waist.

4. To look after school property and the school environment

  • I will always ask before using other people’s belongings.
  • I will take care of other people’s belongs and school property.
  • I will not draw or scribble in or on school books.

5. To follow school rules

  • I will keep any show and tell toys in the home box, not on my desk or in my tray.
  • I will not go into classrooms before school, at break or dinner time without an adult’s permission.
  • I will do what I am asked to do by a school adult.
  • I will always tell the truth.
  • I will always challenge myself and not give up.